What began as a single consult turned into a full ‘Ageing Well Plan’ to help William review all practical areas that he could plan for. Over what turned out to be a four-month period, William and his wife had undergone huge transitions in residence, lifestyle and the structure of their affairs. The process included document collation, many conversations and help with decision-making, planning, referrals to appropriate professionals, status updates and implementation. Having established an Ageing Well plan, William’s wife receives the care and services she needs, and they both have a roadmap to live out their future with the necessary services and documents updated, with their wishes firmly in place.
The scope of Ageing Well Sorted’s work with William and his wife included:
  • Reviewing all areas of the Ageing Well Compass;
  • Residential home and site visits with William;
  • Completing all paperwork for Respite, Permanent Care and Services Australia;
  • Liaising with doctors, discharge planners, care co-ordinators, DVA, finance professionals, and Aged care service providers;
  • Financial advice referral and co-ordination based on aged care scenarios;
  • Exploring legal paperwork and solicitor referral to update will and establish a power of attorney;
  • Compiling updated relevant documentation physically for Client and electronically for easy access and submission to DVA and other relevant parties
At the completion of the plan, William’s wife was given the care services needed, all of the couple’s affairs are in order and structured down to a few bank accounts, and they both have peace of mind knowing things are taken care of.

With plans underway his health was declining, and Stacey was consulted to co-ordinate homecare services until his uncle’s apartment was sold and travel was arranged.  What was an initial estimated 2-3 week process turned into a 4-5 month odyssey with a series of rapid turns of events. After selling the apartment, Peter had a fall, fracturing his back. This began a lengthy process to manage his health while working towards achieving his final wishes. During those months, as Peter’s health shifted, plans needed to be reworked every few weeks. 

Peter had to move to a hotel with a fractured back from where Ageing Well Sorted helped arrange emergency respite to recover well enough to be allowed to fly.

The Scope ended up as follows:

  • Coordinate and attend My Aged Care assessments
  • Arrange apartment cleaner for property settlement
  • Arrange urgent ACAT re-assessment after fall
  • Ongoing liaison and paperwork with services, aged care provider and family
  • Admit client to Respite care and complete paperwork for family
  • Arrange clinical care meetings for readiness towards a long-haul flight
  • Source quotes and coordinate overseas patient medical transfer

After five months and with Stacey’s help, Peter arrived on the island he was born on to live out his days as he wished.