Are You Prepared for Your Aged Care Journey?

3rd Nov 2022 | A Comprehensive and Holistic Overview about Proactively Planning Ahead and Being in Control of Your Journey.

About this event

Older age is a new life stage and journey that, as a society, we often glaze over and react to during the occurrence of a health event, which is often stressful and emotionally draining.

Whilst we have no control over natural biological changes, we have choices on how we want the journey to be.

Join us in this online presentation, facilitated by Ageing Well Sorted, to have a comprehensive and holistic overview about proactively planning ahead and being in control of your journey.

Who is this for?

This online presentation is recommended for:

  • Older adults who want to take charge, have agency over their later life and have their voices heard.
  • Family members, and/or adult children looking to support and understand their loved one’s wishes. Providing peace of mind that ALL aspects of the journey have been discussed, arranged and understood by both generations.
  • Guardians tasked with honouring someone’s wishes, for tools to put things in place and capture important information to become confident substitute decision-makers.
  • People who want to have an overview of what is involved to age well.


Thursday, 3rd November 2022

Are You Prepared for Your Aged Care Journey?